blocked drain with waterWhile its hard for us to only pick a few stories, we love to share the great experiences that we have had with our customers and the great experiences that they have had with us. We aim to keep our customers happy through their whole experience with us and we always succeed. Only recently we had a call from a customer that we had met before. She explained to us that while being out for an amazing birthday dinner for her 50th, she received a call from her downstairs neighbour that there was a small leak coming from her room upstairs. While she hoped it was not too bad, she carried on with her lovely evening, only to be met with a flooded kitchen due to a blocked sink when she returned home. She called us frantically, we got there as soon as possible and were able to fix the problem within no time. Problems like this often occur and we are more than happy to come over on short notice whenever it is needed for our great customers! We left the woman happy, able to return to some more birthday celebrations with her friends. This is what we aim to do for all of our customers, we aim to receive the call and help as fast as possible in order to leave our customers happy and with their problems fixed. We hope all of our customers leave us this happy and satisfied with the work that we have done for them.